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Out of Order by MaskedVengeance Out of Order :iconmaskedvengeance:MaskedVengeance 0 0 Beach Sunset by MaskedVengeance Beach Sunset :iconmaskedvengeance:MaskedVengeance 3 10 Pillar by MaskedVengeance Pillar :iconmaskedvengeance:MaskedVengeance 5 2 Wrong View by MaskedVengeance Wrong View :iconmaskedvengeance:MaskedVengeance 4 6
Reality Vision.
Twisted Reality…
A droplet of water dangled from the ceiling. It clung on as dearly as it could, but being unable to talk, it couldn’t call for help – and, in such a large metropolis, no-one would notice it to save it from losing its grip. Swiftly, it slipped from the tattered roof and fell into the shallow pool forming underneath. Another droplet was already beginning to form on the ceiling, reflections of the surrounding metal walls being twisted through it as it swelled and, eventually, suffered the same fate as the many droplets before it.
The walls were thin and corrugated, and had devolved over the years from a swish silver to the current muddy brown. Just like the floor, they were moist –hence the rust peppered across them as casually as seasoning across untested food. In one corner of the room, a metallic puppet shook violently as water dripped into its unsealed circuits. Its mouth shuttered open and closed as it squealed violently, its eyes conveying
:iconmaskedvengeance:MaskedVengeance 6 4
Natural Gift.
A feather falling, softly whisping,
Skimming past your hair and ears,
Drifting downwards ‘till it nears
Your neck, so slightly tense, yet warm.
Your mouth, smiling, yet clearly torn.
The feather falls to water, glistening,
Swims away past rocks and dirt,
Your eyes watch it, until, quite curt,
It floats once more upon the breeze.
Whisked away above the trees.
Nearby are two wings, undulating,
Flapping with a discrete sound
Until a bird, with one huge bound
Leaves its thin branch, flapping also.
This visual dance is flowing, slow,
But it is all clearly pulsating.
Sweetly ebbing and alive,
A sight to be romanticised.
And yet, my hands reach to your face,
Cover your eyes, remove this place.
Your current sight is just frustrating,
The pinky blackness of my hand
A wall between you and the land.
A cruel gift and a cruel reminder:
Your sight is a beautiful thing
You’ll never get to see.
:iconmaskedvengeance:MaskedVengeance 6 4
Autumn leaves
A falling leaf whisks the air,
Mixing it as it passes through.
It lands below and remains there,
The air swirling above.
Next the leaf starts to grow old,
Rotten orange, holey grey,
Corners start to bend and fold,
The air still swirls above.
Finally it all decays,
Scatters into little parts.
The strange thing is, in many ways,
This leaf, it represents me.
It has a good life, does this leaf,
There’s lots to like about it.
It lives a life with ,yes, some grief,
Coping with winds and snows.
Eventually, it dies, falls down,
And leaves a mark behind it.
Takes a while to reach the ground,
And the air, it swirls above.
So I should be happy because
I am living, I am alive.
I should know that, yes, I am good,
Can cope with winds and snows.
And even whenever I die
I know that I can leave my mark.
All I need do is whisk the air,
And it will swirl above.
:iconmaskedvengeance:MaskedVengeance 3 2
Water Droplet by MaskedVengeance Water Droplet :iconmaskedvengeance:MaskedVengeance 3 21 Sunlit. by MaskedVengeance Sunlit. :iconmaskedvengeance:MaskedVengeance 6 10 Close by MaskedVengeance Close :iconmaskedvengeance:MaskedVengeance 5 9 Lit. by MaskedVengeance Lit. :iconmaskedvengeance:MaskedVengeance 4 20
Cold Soup - Monologue
Adam, a badly shaven man in his late thirties, is sat in a grotty street upon a rotting wooden bench, talking to himself. He is very hesitant, shaky, and unsure of both himself and his whereabouts. He is sitting upon the bench with his legs crossed, without any shoes, and with seemingly chewed-through socks, so that his toes are exposed.
Super soup? Loop dee loop. Swing, slash, swoop. Fly!
Pterodactyl, dinosaur. Snail shells. Croc galore!
I’m not happy, mummy. I’m not. I’m me. Just me. Really. Me.
‘RHYME’ – R-H-Y-M-E. I like it. It’s a nice word.
Remember you told me how to rhyme once?
“Get your legs in front of you and count upon your toes,
Then sprinkle pepper on your nails and
See? I rhymed.
(shakes violently)
RUN. They’re coming for me. HIDE. But you’ll help me, won’t you, mummy?
Rhyming is good for your vocabulary. It keeps me safe at night, from them. I don&
:iconmaskedvengeance:MaskedVengeance 8 8
Stained Smile
Always brush your teeth,
At least twice a day.

Orange juice stains scream
Against tattered chairs. Pristine white
When they were bought, now they’re wrecks.
Twisted wood, spat from age’s teeth.
Unwashed walls and dusty windows
Block your exit.
Rusted locks don’t work,
So scrape them clean.
Always brush your teeth,
Twice a day.

As age grins, his gritty teeth
Might once have shined, dazzling and clean,
But now, his teeth cannot reflect
One moment of your past.
:iconmaskedvengeance:MaskedVengeance 1 15
TERRIBLE: Naruto: The Story
Chapter One: Love at First Sight
“Hi”, I said slowly and carefully. I didn’t know if she would be able to hear me, she had so much hair covering her ears it made me wonder if she had had a rat creep into them and die. She stank, too. Seriously, it was horrible.
“Hi”, she replied. Yeah, she had heard me. How nice.
“How are you?”, I asked her loudly, making sure that my lips moved up and down a lot more than they needed to. Maybe she really couldn’t hear me. Maybe she could lipread. Right?
“Shit.”, she replied. Yeah, I think it was definitely lipreading. Those ears were hairier than a feather duster with extra feather.
“Oh”, I said, “damn.” In fact, maybe it was a man. I wasn’t really sure. I guess the beard might’ve given something away. And the excess nose hair. Eww.
“Yeah”, he/she replied. Tell you what, I’ll call he/she an ‘it’. After all, it could’ve been an ape for a
:iconmaskedvengeance:MaskedVengeance 2 16
He smiled at himself in the dusty mirror as he withdrew air from his pocket and shot it at the ceiling. It left a large hole. He shot again, again, and again, the dull thudding of air bursting through the roof acting as sick music to his ears.
He ran out of the building and onto the empty street, shooting at empty silhouettes against the night sky. He shot the moon, and it left a crater as large to him as his sense of achievement.
Then he ran back inside the house, and shot me.
Vicious air spiralled in through my ears, gaping mouth and strained nostrils, filling up my lungs and choking me. It rumbled on down through my throat until my body burst apart in a sick tangle of air and emotion.
He stormed back out onto the street, half crying, half elated. He shot five times into the air – Pow, pow, pow, pow, pow – and faded to me, turning into just another silhouette.
I tried to chase after him, but my legs had been burst wide open, now simply flaps of paper crumpling onto the conc
:iconmaskedvengeance:MaskedVengeance 5 0
I try to clap, but
My hands always slip up
With nervous sweat.
So I just say that you did well, but
My mouth just slips up
With nervous words.
And I hesitate and hold back, but
My mind just slips up
With nervous thoughts.
And I guess that what I’m saying is
That, well… I can’t pause any more, and
I really, just, I…
-- Well, take this as my applause.
:iconmaskedvengeance:MaskedVengeance 4 2

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deviantART Presents: New Profile Pages!
DeviantART is proud to announce the launch of NEW Profile Pages! In response to community feedback and deviously Deviant Technology innovation, new Profile Pages offer additional ways to personalize, customize, and organize your homebase at deviantART!

These Profile Page upgrades are much more than a simple set of new features. Built using a platform based on "modules", new Profile Pages have the ability to evolve and grow over time. Added to your Profile Page with just a few button clicks, modules couldn't be easier to use. New modules will be released regularly, allowing Profile Pages to continually adapt and meet the specific needs of the
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Photo Contest!
Photo Contest: Take Your Worst Shot!
If you're a good photographer, you know how to take a good photo. To take a good photo, there are certain elements (for lack of a better word) that needs to be followed. Some of these are:
:bulletgreen: Contrast
:bulletgreen: Composition
:bulletgreen: Lighting
:bulletgreen: Creativity
To use these, you need to understand them. You demonstrate your understanding of them by using them the correct way.
But what if you use them in the WRONG way?
The idea of this contest is to show that you know how to take a good photo by doing the exact opposite of what you're supposed to do. =)
Alright, a lot of people seem to be confused because I lack skills at explaining things.
The idea is to just take a bad photo, the worst photo you can take. :lol:
This contest is just supposed to be a fun one, so just . . . have fun with it. =)
:bulletgreen: It must be a photograph.
:bulletgreen: It must be a new photograph submitted after this journal e
:icontwiggyteeluck:TwiggyTeeluck 32 30
Sticky Fingers - Not a photo. by ap3x Sticky Fingers - Not a photo. :iconap3x:ap3x 374 123
The pig carcass filled most of the stainless tub where the delivery men had laid it. Freshly slaughtered, but not butchered, it had taken four of them to lift it there. None of them spoke to Rinnovi, only pausing for him to sign for the animal before they left.
On the way to the door, one of the men pointed at the stickers affixed to virtually every item in the house; black typewritten names and addresses on white shipping labels. The leader of the group nudged him and shook his head 'no', before hurrying him out the door.
Rinnovi poured a scotch, and turned on the kitchen vid display, his own visage peering back at him with a smile. He froze the frame, leaving the remote on the island beside the second stainless tub.
"Osiris, prepare to renew." He spoke aloud to the empty room.
"Preparations underway." The voice, angel soft and faintly Irish filled the room seemingly from everywhere at once. Both of the tubs began to fill with a steaming viscous liquid, spattering against the steel, a
:iconsrsmith:SRSmith 82 47
Winners of the Future of the Holidays
You've waited patiently and the judges have read and...judged...
It was a hard one! So hard that three spots just weren't enough! In each of the judge's responses there were two pieces that were consistently mentioned for their skill and how enjoyable they were. Unfortunently, because of the quality of all entries involved, we had to strictly adhear to the rules.
Regardless, we feel these two pieces merit an
Honorable Mention
H.R.M by poprocksandcharlotte
A Christmas Tail by WineWriter
Congratulations ladies!
Now on with the placing.
As a refresher:
The Prizes
:star: PRIZES: :star:
    First place:
    1 year sub or print of equal value
    Basic Artist's Bag!
    Emoticon Stress Balls
    Calendar of your choice
    Feature in Journals of: PurpelBlur, StJoan, LadyLincoln
:iconstjoan:StJoan 34 18
Face to Face - Fly Macro by Mar1lyn84 Face to Face - Fly Macro :iconmar1lyn84:Mar1lyn84 30 34 morf by capitolblueart morf :iconcapitolblueart:capitolblueart 35 48
:devilish: Writers on deviant art have discovered a new way to find inspiration--- stealing it from someone else!
Never fear though, as this particular brand of plagiarism is sanctioned by the original authors through the new lit group, versecannibal.
versecannibal asks for poems to be offered up for “sacrifice” to the versecannibal gallery, from where dA writers can take the piece to rewrite, cut-up, use as inspiration, or adapt to suit themselves in any other way they like.
The cannibalized pieces are then posted and linked in the comments on the gallery submission, where everyone reads and enjoys all the exciting and different places a poem can be taken.
It’s a bit like donating a photograph to a stock club for others to use in photo manipulations, only... it's words!
We do take the utmost care to make sure all parties are credited properly, so be sure to read the guidelines in our journal as well as the footnotes in author's comme
:iconversecannibal:versecannibal 12 7
Vain skies by kingbenji Vain skies :iconkingbenji:kingbenji 122 46 Party time by OtherCubed Party time :iconothercubed:OtherCubed 2 1 Pinkitude Awareness Panther by Ixilder Pinkitude Awareness Panther :iconixilder:Ixilder 2,586 433
The Clocktower :iconcarakhan:CaraKhan 10,518 2,535
The Raptors B-Movie Poster by OtherCubed The Raptors B-Movie Poster :iconothercubed:OtherCubed 2 0 Thumbs up by OtherCubed Thumbs up :iconothercubed:OtherCubed 1 0 Frosty by OtherCubed Frosty :iconothercubed:OtherCubed 1 0 Faster by OtherCubed Faster :iconothercubed:OtherCubed 2 1


Ihead 1 rgb by StephanusEmbricanus Ihead 1 rgb :iconstephanusembricanus:StephanusEmbricanus 88 28 Decay by subcarrier Decay :iconsubcarrier:subcarrier 284 48



United Kingdom
Current Residence: England
Favourite genre of music: Just about any!
MP3 player of choice: PSP cos thats all i got :p
Hey :)

This profile is still inactive, I've moved over to Oli-S permanently, so please go there for my recent works.

I've moved on a lot since I stopped using this account, as you'll see if you compare the work on here and on Oli-S

On that note, I've just begun uploading poetry to YouTube and would love it if you'd check out my first video: 'Sweet'. The piece is also on dA. Thanks!

See you over on Oli-S! :D


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